Float House Victoria | Victoria


Each of the 5 float rooms are equipped with a state of the art float tank, top of the line fixtures, luxurious shower, and heated floors. There is one fully equipped massage room with a professional electric table. A 10’ high tropical plant wall lives in the front reception, and complimentary tea and a comfortable lounge is available for post float reflection.

Filtered water

The entire water system in the building is filtered. Chlorine, brown algae and other common impurities are all filtered out. This keeps the equipment in top condition as well we can provide the very purest drinking water.

Living wall

A 10′ high tropical living wall is a beautiful addition to the front space. Designed by a local Victoria company Biophilia Design, it cleans the air and introduce a soothing element to the reception area.

Complimentary tea

Tea is provided to us by Silk Road. It’s 100% organic, hand picked and produced on Vancouver Island. There is large variety of blends for pre-float (caffeine free) and post-float relaxation.

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