Float House Victoria | Tanks

The Genesis

The Genesis floatation tank (by US Float Tanks) is the most robust and technologically advanced float tank on the market today. Each tank is constructed of fibreglass and comprised of a lid and base. The lid opens like a clam shell, allowing for the maximum amount of space and head clearance when entering or exiting the tank. The total interior dimensions are 7’6″ long by 4’6″ wide, easily accommodating even the largest of floaters.

Tank controls

Each tank has a button for the interior colour changing LED lights and volume for the audio (our members can play back personalized audio). As well there is an intercom to communicate with the front desk.

Easy entry & exit

The process of opening and closing the lid is very easy thanks to the assistance of the gas springs. As well, the curb around the tank is only 22″ high making entry and exit very comfortable.

Filtration system


Our industry leading filtration system has a turnover rate of 6-7 times per 30 minutes. The water is filtered using UV, Ozone and passes through a micron bag filter. We also use small amounts of Bromine to assist in the sanitization process.

A few interesting stats

Dissolved Epsom salt in the water of each tank keeps the specific gravity (measure of buoyancy) at around 1.275 Kg/L (the ocean is 1.025 Kg/L). This makes the water more buoyant than the Dead Sea (1.24 Kg/L).

1200 lbs

Epsom Salts

1000 L

Water volume


Water depth

94.0˚ F

Water temperature