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Rachel Siemens

Rachel Siemens is an Olympic Weightlifter from Victoria, BC. Starting off her career in the circus arts as a hand-balancer and contortionist, she left the circus to study Kinesiology at UVic and started CrossFit. After competing twice at the world CrossFit Games, she retired to purely focus on Olympic Weightlifting (2012). Since then, she has won 3 Canadian bronze medals and represented Canada at the World Universiade in Russia. Currently Rachel is training full time and hoping to reach the National team for the 2017 World Championships. She also coaches Weightlifting and works as a Kinesiologist with her own business, Siemens Weightlifting.

I float for many reasons. Before competition, it is the best way to have a focused meditation and visualization session. In a sport where milliseconds and millimetres make the difference between success and failure, successful visualization can make or break a lift. Between competitions and during heavy training cycles, I float for recovery and mental preparation for lifting. The salts and weightlessness are the perfect balance for being weighted by hundreds of pounds for hours on end. Lastly, in a busy life the balances owning a business, coaching athletes, and my own training, it gives me an escape to decompress and reset my mind with meditation.

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