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Kirsten Sweetland

Kirsten Sweetland is a 25 year old professional triathlete who has been racing internationally for Canada since 2005. She broke onto the world scene early winning Junior World Championships in 2006 and started winning at the highest senior level in 2007 whilst still a junior. She was the 2nd youngest person every to win a World Cup at the age of 18. Though she battled injuries through growing pains, she has posted some impressive feats. She is now strong and healthy with her sights set on Rio 2016 after a consistent 2014 season including 8 top 8 finishes out of 10 races completed on the world stage.

As an endurance athlete I’m constantly training, recovering, preparing and thinking about all of the above. Floating is my time to shut off my mind and body which actually helps me train and recover so much better! Being weightless for that amount of time leaves me feeling revived and ready to hit the trails again!

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