Experience Nothing.

Let your stress melt away in this truly unique sensory free environment.

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Enjoy the quiet stillness of the float tank as your mind slows down and your body is freed from the ever present forces of gravity.


Let your body heal from the daily stresses of life, recover from physical injuries, subdue chronic pain and rejuvenate your system after exercise.


Leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Eliminate the noise of busy streets, empty your mind and give yourself the gift of nothing.

Experience the weightlessness of outer space.

  • "Floatation is a faster way to experience the benefits of relaxation and meditation. You can go deeper in less time and get more benefits."

    Dave Asprey, Entrepreneur

  • "I came out of the tank so thoroughly relaxed it felt like the middle of a beach vacation!"

    Rob Wiersema, Author

  • "Floating helps me relax and keeps me feeling energized before and after my workouts."

    Yana Hempler, Athlete

  • "Visualization, meditation and deep relaxation can be achieved quickly and with very little effort."

    Jean-Marc de Groot, Athlete

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